With +16y on IT, I have proficiency in Linux, public Cloud like GCP, AWS, private cloud with Openstack, infrastructure as code (IaC) like Terraform, Ansible, and DevOps roles working with Kubernetes, and CICD tools like Github Actions, Gitlab CI, Jenkins and my last recent endeavors with Azure DevOps pipelines.

I’ve grew from IT support technician, transitioning through Windows, Linux Sysadmin, and now, designing and automating the previuous tasks on relevant companies/projects using IaC.

Like everybody I’m replaceable, but not for my 2 kids and wife at home. This is the reason why I offer my services like Freelance or employee remotely, but open to punctual visits to office if required.

If your company/project match with this kind of profile for an English or Spanish language environment, feel free to contact

Available: Sept 24'